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$40 Product Order 100 QV Initial Order (example)
No Auto Ships Required
No Member Fee
No Signup Fee
Order Direct
30-45% Off Retail
$20 Off Coupon – 2nd Order
Members Only Promotions
Rebate Checks
$15 Sunshine/Product Credit

Nature’s Sunshine Basic Membership Program

(Requirement: A sign-up order of $40 or more.)

What’s The Cost?

• Membership is FREE. No annual fees. No obligations or scheduled orders required.

If you choose to renew your membership each year, you simply place a $40 order. You will get a reminder from Nature’s Sunshine so you can choose whether to renew or not.

What Are The Benefits of Membership?

• With over 600 products, Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) provides a wide range of products: herbs, vitamin and minerals, supplement specific formulas, children’s line, pre-packaged programs, 100% authentic essential oils, flower essences, personal care, herbal salves, bulk products, nutritional beverages, xylitol gums & mints, cleaning and laundry concentrate. .

Order directly from Nature’s Sunshine, the manufacturer, rather than through a distributor, which gives you the freshest product available.

30-45% discount off retail prices PLUS sales for further discounts.

20% off coupon for a future order (within 90 days) in your welcome email.

Email perks – You’ll be notified of free or reduced shipping promotions, product sales, new products when announced and free educational webinars with sometimes free products just for watching.

• Receive rebate checks after your first order. Any month you have 100 QV or more you will qualify for a rebate check. The percentage depends on the QV* amount of your total orders for the month:
10% for 100 —– 12% for 300 —– 18% for 600 —– 27% for 1000

You can order for family, co-workers or friends to increase your QV so you will get a rebate check each month to add to your household budget.

What Is QV? QV=Qualifying Volume. Each product has a Member Cost and a QV figure. For 90% of the products it’s the same, but the rest have a lower QV.

• Your welcome email from NSP will include your account number and PIN number so you’ll have instant access to all the benefits and perks on the website. First task is to change the PIN number to what you want it to be.

Nature’s Sunshine SmartStart Membership Program

(Requirement: An initial sign-up order of 100 QV or more.)

On the SmartStart Program, you get all of the above … PLUS:

$15 credit will be placed on your account without a deadline for use, other than your account being active.

• With a 300 QV order you will qualify for a rebate check on your first order.

Choosing Membership

Our shopping cart shows you the QV amount so you can decide on which option to take on your initial order.

Just type in “I Want Membership” in the “Order Notes” box on the checkout page (Shown Below) for either membership.

Only one (1) membership per household is allowed.