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We’re sweeping the nation on a quest to share the untold truths about health with a million people!

• The many dangers of inflammation
• How to cope in our toxic society
• Steps you can take to prevent and slow blood-sugar issues
• How most women have too much estrogen
• The importance of your colon in overall health and well-being
• There’s much more to heart health than cholesterol
And much more.

Here’s a step-by-step program for teaching these truths to the people you care about.This booklet contains the what, how and why for sharing this information with your friends and loved ones today in a cozy in-home setting. It’s quite simple, and it’s so important.

The rewards for sharing are tremendous. Not only do you feel good about helping others and teaching what you know, you receive commissions for doing so! Earn free products or spending money, save up for a great vacation, start a college fund, pay off debt… whatever you want to do, you can make it happen with the Educate America program rewards system.
It pays to share what you know.

At Nature’s Sunshine, we have a vision. It’s a vision where all Americans make healthier choices, enjoy longer and more vital lives, and realize the power of natural supplementation. It’s a vision that requires a goal—and the goal requires you.

The goal is to reach 1 million Americans in three years with our new Educate America program, which teaches fundamental “Untold Truths” about health, nutrition and what everyone must know to maintain the best possible level of health. America’s health is in crisis, and we must work together toward reversing this trend by sharing the Untold Truths.

America is the richest nation in the world, spending more than $1.5 trillion annually on healthcare. So why are we ranked a dismal 37th in the world for quality of health? Because we don’t eat well, we don’t exercise enough, and we know little to nothing about wellness preservation through vitamins, minerals and herbs. We practically accept that at some point we’re going to get sick. In fact, 47% of working U.S. adults today have a chronic illness or disease.

You’ll be delighted by how easy it is to use NSP resources to strengthen your knowledge and educate people in need while significantly boosting your income.This workbook provides you with a complete plan to use the Educate America program.