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Donna has condensed her writings into one website at The Nature In Us.

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Subscriber Comments

“I love all your newsletters. It seems like a small piece of Heaven. You have no idea how your sharing those pictures, etc are beneficial to me, and I am sure others as well.” S.S.

“Even though we have distance/miles between us, it doesn’t feel like it. I learn so much from you and find you to be such a ‘sweet being’. I am blessed. Thank you, Donna for being who you are , sharing truth, and your life journey with me (and so many others). I know you help make a difference as the caring person I know you to be.” R.

“I just absolutely love receiving the “A Touch of Nature” newsletter every month. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into a wonderful and knowledgeable reading!” Kaye

“Thank you for such a great site. I have printed many of your articles to keep and go back through for me and others in my family. I have given your site to many people and they have thanked me for that. Thank you again.” P. T.

“I wanted to let you know that no matter how busy, agitated, stressed or unhappy I am, when your email arrives and I begin reading, a peace settles on me. My spirit feels rejuvenated and I feel refreshed. It’s just very calming. My husband is a US Marine and is set to go back to Iraq very shortly. Please know that your email brightens up our day and brings calm to a stormy time. God bless you.” Angel

“Donna, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter, . I absolutely loved this one and found the story about the groundhogs delightful. I also discovered Nature’s Sunshine through you and I feel so much better! I have my girls, ages 2 & 5, on the Herbasaurs and feel confident that we will have a healthier winter this year. I’m working on hubby, but he’s a bit of a harder sell. However, if I’m taking my shot of Thai-Go, he will have one with me. So will the baby and I’ve had to fight her for it. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful, natural things in your life! Regards, Lori”

“I want to thank you for the pictures that you share about your home and animal and bird friends.  You make me wish I was there on your porch and us sitting there with tea (herbal, of course) or organic coffee and just enjoying the scenery and quietness of the day with minimal conversation. I have been using essential oils for some time now (I usually buy tea tree oil by the quart (on sale).  It is my oil of choice for so many things.  Thanks again and think of all your subscribers who would love to be sitting there with you. ” Sheila

“I want to thank you for your newsletter. It is very informative and you make me feel as though I have been to Blue Bird Cove. You describe everything so vividly .Thank you for taking the time to put these newsletters together so that we can enjoy them and learn so much.  Have a wonderful weekend.” Jo-Ann