Sunshine Family Monthly News
June 5, 2006 Edition


The content of this monthly newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

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Hi Sunshiners!

We’ve enjoying the mild weather we’ve been having here in Virginia but it sure turned hot this past week in the afternoons.  The flowers seem to like it, but I wilt.  One of the reasons I love Virginia is that even with the heat, you still have mornings and evenings to enjoy with cool weather.  I love sitting outside and working in the shade of the yard, so we still consider Virginia to be a great place to live.

Randal will be going to visit family in Oklahoma City on the 10th and will be gone for 12 days.  His parents have a long yard and home chore list for him so he’ll be happy to be helpful.  He also gets to visit other family, friends and our son, Benjamin.  I will be running the administrative side of the business … any techy problems will wait.

We just launched a new website which makes the whole site operate differently since it is on a database format.  It’s been a long and slow process to make the switch, but we are glad it’s done.  Take some time to look around and please reply to this email and let us know of any errors or things that don’t look right.  Your comments will be MUCH appreciated. 

HINT:  Send me some photos of what is going on around your place.  I’ve got a link to some photos of Matthew’s first birthday below.  Roxanne sent them to me.  I have a Sunshine Family album on our online gallery, so give me some visuals of what life is about at your place these days.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!

Donna L. Watkins

NSP News

NSP Now Has Two Compensation Plans

If you didn’t join in on the webcast or teleconference call last week, you can view the information on their website:

If you are a Manager you will be required to choose a default payment plan of either the Classic (current) or the Legacy (new).  You can call Customer Service to do so after reading the information and making your choice:  1-800-223-8225

You can also choose online by logging in to your account maintenance section and making the selection.

WARNING – Internet Scams

1)  Recently Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. ("NSP") has received several calls from Members in the field stating that they have been contacted by someone, either over the Internet or via telephone requesting to purchase large quantities of Vitamin E, Immune Stimulator and various other products.

NSP would like to alert you about this problem, as it appears to be a scam. Usually what happens is the person places the order with one credit card and pays for shipping with another credit card. The cards are stolen. By the time you realize this, you are out the money, product and time. We have had competitors that have lost over $55,000 on this type of scam.

Please refer any International customers directly to NSP. DO NOT FILL THEIR ORDER.  As an independent distributor you will incur costs and liabilities for dealing with scam artists. NSP wants to take every effort to protect our Members from this type of scam.

2)  TTY System – NSP has been informed that some unscrupulous individuals are using the TTY system (for the hearing impaired) in order to purchase products fraudulently.  Please be very careful when someone is requesting large quantities of product via this relay system.

NSP Product Focus

There’s been a lot of changes to the product line, so be sure to update your websites (unless you have a My NSP site) and/or price lists until they work out the entire California Proposition 65 issues and other quality control issues of not getting good enough raw materials to produce the products.  Here’s a link to monitor this

Growing Your Business

For The Last Time …. There Is No Magic Wand
by Elena Fawkner

"I’m looking for a program that will make me enough money so that I can quit my job. I need about $2,000 a week. I have to give a month’s notice at work. Will I be making that with your program by then?"

"I just lost my job and I need to make a lot of money fast to pay off my debts. How quickly can I make $35,000?"

"I’m new to the internet. Can I really make $200 a day with your program?"

These are real extracts from three emails I received this week. This week was no different from any other week. My respective responses to the above three were "no", "not" and "yes, eventually" (to paraphrase). To each, I sent a lengthy response explaining what they should realistically expect to generate from each of the programs in question. I didn’t hear back from any of them. No doubt they’ve given up or have moved on to someone who will tell them what they want to hear.

I’ve lost count of the number of conversations like this I’ve had over the past months. Too many. I’m sick of the sound of my own voice, saying the same thing, over and over. So, this article is a summary of all of the advice I keep giving over and over and is my response in advance to all future queries that fit the "how soon can I get rich" mold.

1. There Is No Such Thing As Get Rich Quick
You will NOT make $50,000 in 60 days. You will probably not make $50,000 in 600 days. If you are very new to the internet you will be doing VERY well to make $500 in 60 days. But you probably won’t even have worked out what you want to do before then anyway. Some people don’t EVER make enough money to cover their webhosting and ISP fees.

2. Your Computer Is Not An ATM, Nor Is Your Letterbox
Your computer is not a money-spitting machine. It is a tool for conducting your business. Your business is something you create with your own hard work and ingenuity using the tools you have at your disposal and your own natural talent. Your business, if your hard work pays off, will generate income for you but cash will never spew forth from the CD ROM drive. Your letterbox is not an ATM either. You will not go to your mailbox tomorrow morning and find a stack of cash in there either. I don’t care WHAT you’ve heard.

3. You Have To Work Every Day
You will NOT make money while you sleep. If you make hay while the sun shines you may wake many days later to find orders in your mailbox. But those orders have come from your hay-making efforts, not by some process of osmosis while you were sleeping.

4. You Have to Sow Before You Can Reap
You cannot reap what you have not sown. You will NOT receive orders for your internet rags to riches widget by slapping up a webpage with a link to your credit card processor. You must invest real time and real effort into creating a real product that people are interested in acquiring and then you must let real people know that it exists. This is seriously hard work. A self-replicating website and a few classified ads in half a dozen ezines does not equal real time and real effort and, often, it doesn’t equal a real product either.

5. You Have to Create Your Own Website
Affiliate programs are a good way to get your feet wet with internet marketing. But they won’t make you any serious money until you create your own website with quality content that draws targeted traffic.

6. You Have to Create Your Own Product(s)
Even when you have created your own website with quality content that draws targeted traffic, your income from affiliate programs will be limited. The lion’s share of the profits is going to the owner of the affiliate program. You are working on commission. To make serious money on the internet, you need to develop your own product or service and keep the lion’s share of the profit. Then YOU can set up your OWN affiliate program and get everyone else to sell it for you for a commission.

7. You Have To Run Your Business As A Business
Your internet business is a business. It is not a hobby (unless you aren’t making any money, THEN it’s a hobby). So run it as a business. That means being professional and customer-oriented. It means exercising good business judgement and it means expecting to be around this time next year.

8. You Will Be Dealing With Real, Live People
When you receive orders or emails, they will be sent by people, not machines. Respond accordingly.

9. Don’t Give Up Your Day Job … Yet
It will take you a long time, probably many months, before you will be earning from your online business what you are currently earning in your job. So, if you’re making $2,000 a week in your job, you won’t be giving it up any time soon.

10. You Will Have To Be Patient
On the internet, the time moves as fast as it does anywhere else. No faster. When you start a business offline, it takes time, many months usually, before the business starts to take off. It is the same on the internet. The only thing that’s fast on the internet is the websurfer’s index finger on the mouse button. Making money is as slow online as it is offline.

11. You Will Have to Persevere
There will be times when you feel like you’re just not getting anywhere. You will feel like quitting then. Most do, in fact. Don’t be one of them.

12. If You Use Unscrupulous Tactics You Will FAIL
Some people decide that the real world does not apply to them and that they can get rich without investing time or effort. These people tell everyone whatever they want to hear to make a sale. These same people buy bulk email and harvesting software so they can go around gathering up all the email addresses they can find to send their sales message to. These people figure if only one percent of these 100,000 names respond that’s a good return. They are wrong. What happens is they get bombarded with hate mail and shut down by their ISP. Their business is snuffed out in an instant.

13. There is no magic wand Get it? Got it? Good!

Elena Fawkner is editor of the award-winning A Home-Based Business Online. Her site is one of the largest collection of home business articles available on the internet. Lots of ideas for starting your own home based business, plus methods for successfully managing, organizing, promoting and growing your own business from the comfort of your home.  Subscribe to her ezine.

NSP Conventions – Check Your Goals

National Convention in Dallas at the Gaylord Texan Resort
August 23-27, 2006

All Managers have the opportunity to qualify to have all or part of their National Convention expenses paid for by Nature’s Sunshine. Whether you qualify to come or take advantage of low buy-in rates, NSP will make it worth your while.

Learn from Dr. Gary Null, nationally syndicated talk show host, producer of PBS specials, investigative reporter, New York Times best-selling author and award-winning documentary filmmaker.   His message is one of taking charge of your life and your health. Plus, you will be treated to an inspiring story of hope and courage from Captain Gerald Coffee. Captain Coffee spent seven years as a POW in North Vietnam. He will motivate you with his themes of leadership, loyalty, teamwork and the invincibility of the human spirit.

Plus, enjoy the sights and traditions of the Lone Star State. And relaxing at your hotel doesn’t get grander than at the beautiful, brand-new Gaylord Texan.

Upcoming Untold Truth Seminars for Training

Check this list for areas for friends or family members who may want to go. This is an excellent opportunity to learn natural health solutions for some of today’s most pressing health problems.  Get Registered!

6/10/2006   Lakewood (Denver), CO
6/10/2006  Tampa, FL
6/10/2006  Urbandale (Des Moines), IA
6/24/2006  Marietta, OH
7/15/2006  Kansas City, MO
7/29/2006  Corpus Christi, TX      
8/05/2006  Oak Brook, IL
8/12//2006 Tiffin, OH
8/19/2006  Atlanta, GA

Here’s the link for more info and complete schedule

Welcome Into The Business Family

Welcome to Donna Reezes in Sunset, LA.  Donna is a new distributor with Virginia Franks as her sponsor.

Welcome to Jeana Weiss in Greenville, MS.  Jeana is in CB and Edith Newton’s group and has just decided to go with the NSP business opportunity.

News Within The Family

Congratulations to John and Roxanne Howlett on the two new managers added to their Sunshine Family.  Matthew had his first birthday party and we have four (4) photos here.  Click the double arrows to the right above the photos:

Congratulations to Nathan and Kelley Howlett on the new manager added to their Sunshine Family.  Kelley’s been taking it easy a bit as she continues with the pregnancy.  She and Nathan hope to plan a get-away before the third addition to the family arrives.

Robin Sockness-Snelgrove had a great visit to Chicago to visit her family last month and has already scheduled another trip back for end of July when she will celebrate her Dad’s 80th birthday and her own (no age being mentioned 🙂

Dianne Frase is beginning the process of building a home on the land she found.  Right now she needs your prayers on the floor plan she’s trying to design.  For those of us who have built homes, we know she has a long way to go, but then she knows also because she’s built a home before.

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