Sunshine Family News
March 2, 2005 Edition

The content of this newsletter is directed to members doing a Nature’s Sunshine business in The Herbs Place organization.  Any benefits or offers in them are directed solely to this group of people.

Hi Sunshiners!

We had a great time at the chat last month and appreciate those who joined us to learn more about NSP news from the Leaders Conference in Dallas. We’d like to see more of you there next year!

If anybody would like to get my notes that I prepared so I could cut and paste into the chat window to make the event go more quickly …. I’ll be happy to send them to you. I’ve kept them for those who have asked for a transcript. The chat doesn’t provide that option. I will keep the notes for another week or two for anybody that requests them.

I’m sure that all of you are on one or more of our newsletter lists offered at the site. I wanted to tell you that when you see segments or ads for NSP products that you want to use to compose your own mailing to your NSP group, feel free to cut and paste them. You can change them into smaller ads and use them as signatures in your emails. You should never send out an email without a signature that "sells sunshine" and if you have a website have a link to it in there! If you need some help on this, email me.

I have our Sunshine Family in mind when I send anything out because it’s there for you to use in any way you can. The newsletters are there for you to build your people and to earn your way to conventions and trips. We want you to be successful.

We have over 1000 pages of website content that can be cut and pasted into an email if you have somebody asking about a particular product or problem. It’s a quick way to gather information along with all the resources that have been mentioned in previous issues.

But! Please remember that the content of the site is copyrighted and we do not allow duplication to be used for somebody to make a website of their own. It does you nor us any good since the reason for making your own website is to have unique content and style.

Our Sunshine Family is given special privileges in many areas, so please ask us about website content when you design your own site. We want you to be successful and will help that to happen for you.

Sunshine Blessings to Each of You!
Randal and Donna Watkins

NSP News

NSP Launches New Websites for You!

The MY NSP websites will now be managed by NSP. This lowers the monthly fee from $14.95 to $11.95. They’ve also given the sites a new look. Take a peek at one of our manager’s sites.

If you don’t have one and are planning on getting one — March is the time! NSP will waive the activation fee of $19.95 during the month of March.

That means it costs even less to try an online presence. Having a link to refer people to and to order from works well. However! You still have to do the work to drive traffic there. There is no magic wand that comes with it 🙂

If you already have a website, these changes have already happened. Take a look! You may want to log-in to see if there’s any new features.

NSP Tapes

The tele-conferences and more information are available on tape. They are provided by an organization outside of NSP. This company is the one that tapes NSP’s seminars and conventions so there is a lot available there!  NSP on Tape.

Nature’s Sunshine’s March WebCast

Topic: Thai-Go and Educate America Program

Scheduled for March 9, 2005 at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time, 8:00 p.m. Central Time, and 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

You can participate by phone: Call 1-800-282-9233 and enter pin: 8626 followed by the # sign. They begin accepting calls about 10 minutes before the program starts.

NSP Resources

A Forum for NSP Managers and Distributors and PDF Product Sheets

Tree of Light, which is Steve Horne’s website, provides a forum for Managers & Distrubutors to discuss personal and clinical questions and share product information and testimonials. It’s a Yahoo group. When you sign up for it, you get to choose if you want emails or not, so you can join and just use it when you want to search the archives. It began in October 2003 so there’s quite a bit of information there.  Go to forum

Steven’s site also provides some PDF downloads for products or questionnaires that can be used. These sheets provide a lot more detailed information on products that NSP cannot say as the manufacturer, so they are great things to have to give to somebody when you need specific information. www.theherbsplace.com/habitcore.asp

Go get ’em! 🙂

Growing Your Business

Pass-It-On Program

If you’re just starting, or you have people in your group just beginning, this program is a great way to get things going for bigger commission checks. With this program you don’t have to wait till you get to 3000 Group QV each month to earn the 30% commission. You can do it with each person you sign up if their order is over 100 QV.

So, anytime you are ready to sign somebody up that isn’t at 100 QV, ask them if they have any family or friends who might like to order with them on their sign-up order. They will get a 10% rebate check [sounds better than commission which makes them think they’re doing a business] PLUS they get free shipping on their first order so friends wouldn’t have to pay any shipping fees.

Here’s the details which you can find on NSP’s website about this program:

"Pass on" the message of better health and wealth to your family, friends and neighbors and you’ll receive a 30% Pass it On bonus. And that’s just the beginning.

* Your bonus will average around $30 and be as much as $99 for every new person you sponsor, depending on the PV (Purchase Volume) of his or her first order.

Your new sign-up will receive a 10% rebate check based on his or her PV

* Pass-it-On bonuses are paid once a month as part of your regular commission check from NSP

To qualify for this special bonus, your new sign-up (member or Distributor) must place an initial order of at least 100QV (Qualifying Volume).

Pass-it-On bonuses will be paid on all sign-up orders between 100 and 299 QV. Bonus checks on orders of 300 QV or more will be paid according to the current compensation plan.

The average new Member order is $94.

Guest Article

Finding Your Niche

You are concerned about starting a business on the internet because there are already so many businesses online. Why would anyone want to visit YOUR web site? What do you have to offer that has not been offered?

1. Believe in Yourself

Don’t bother going online if you do not believe that it is possible to succeed.

2. Do your homework

Research the available resources (online and offline). See what your competition is doing. See what your competition is charging.

3. Determine What You Like To Do

What is your niche? Concerned that there are already a zillion web design companies online? Why not create a niche? You like landscaping? Become THE web designer to the landscapers.

4. Promote your web site to your niche.

Find interested parties offline that would benefit from your web site. Also, suggest your web sites to the directories that specialize in your niche. Exchange links with other similar, (preferably non- competing) web sites.

Deborah Anderson, of AndersonCreations.com, teaches web design and internet marketing in addition to publishing Webmaster Tips Weekly.

Business Tax Tips

If you’re just starting a business (or you haven’t done your homework before :-), it’s a good time to ask IRS for Publication 583: "Starting a Business and Keeping Records"

Download a PDF and print it yourself with this link

Keeping accurate records will allow you to keep more of what you earn. It’s not always about how much you earn …. it’s about how much you get to keep. Every penny I can keep from the IRS is a real joy to me. It’s a hobby in my opinion and it’s being a good steward of what passes through our hands.

Who’s Going to Convention?

Let me know if you are planning on convention this year. I will list your name here and as you complete qualifications, let me know, and I’ll make a notation that you’re IN! This way all those in our Sunshine Family planning to attend will know who is going to be there.

Charlie and Louise Allred (Our Sponsors)
Virginia Franks
Dianne Frase
John and Roxanne Howlett
Nathan and Kelley Howlett
Robin and Steve Snelgrove – Earned From Becoming a Rising Star Last Year
Christina Tarman
Randal and Donna Watkins – Earned With President’s Trophy Last Year
Edward Young

News Within The Family

* Robin Sockness * has her domain website launched. Since she still works full-time outside of NSP, she provided the content and had somebody design it. We think it looks great! Since it ties into her MY NSP site, she kept the colors to blend into that site. Looks great! I just love Bandit. He’s such a cute dog and so happy to have a second chance at life because Robin used herbs for heartworms when the vet said his life was over.

That’s why she now has a specialized NSP business for the Heartworm Program. She works only with pets, but doesn’t mind ordering people products for owners, of course 🙂 She’s planning on a full-time NSP job before the end of the year. Here’s her website: https://www.banditsbuddies.com

* Christina Tarman * is doing her first two Home Spa parties this weekend. She’s been preparing for weeks and making formulas from recipes she’s gathered. She’s been studying a stack of books from the library. She’s chosen essential oils to specialize in. Being a young girl with lots of friends and family she’s having fun with it. She’s also very artisitic which fits right in. She purchased jars to make bath salts for gifts and used an etching tool to "paint" a design on the jar. What a special touch!

She’ll be working on a logo for her company, which she calls Nature’s Medicine. Then she can etch that on the jars and also use it in other ways.

She did a painting for our website and we love it. It’s a cottage that depicts the "PLACE" in The Herbs Place. Makes me think of having people come for herb tea parties 🙂 We just uploaded a new look to the site, so if you haven’t been there in a few days, you’ll be surprised. It includes Christina’s cottage: https://www.theherbsplace.com

She does these by hand, not graphic design, so it adds a more personal touch in my opinion. If anybody is interested in her artisitic skills, email me. She’s an amazing artist and she cares about people so she will be going far with Nature’s Sunshine! She’s ahead of target for the Rising Star Convention and that’s her goal from now till the end of May.

Specializing is a great concept within the NSP product line. It keeps you focused and makes it easy to share what you do. It also makes it easy for you to become a specialist in a segment of the health arena so you can get up and going quickly with your NSP distributorship. Getting to Manager rank for the 27% earnings goes a lot quicker if you’re focused.

The Habit of Health program bypasses that since you can earn 30% right away on people signing up for that, so others are sharing the Habit of Health message to build their income quickly.

Our Website Resources For You

Our website content is not just for customers. Keep in mind you can find answers there for your own customers. Once you have a customer become a Member, they have an account number tying them into you, so you can send them links to our website with information for them to read themselves.

People Resources

The Herbs Place has years of archived natural health newsletters and over 1200 web pages with content accessed by the search engine.  Need to get some information on a product?  Visit now.

Online catalog arranged by health topic

Success stories for particular health problems show what others have used. They cannot be shown on The Herbs Place due to FTC/FDA laws, so we provide them on The Frugal Life site.

Pet Resources

Healthy Pet Corner has years of archived pet newsletters

Pet success stories using nature’s remedies

Online Training and Support

Whether you’re just beginning your NSP business or been doing it a long time, we all need to keep learning.

Online Classes

Distributor Support

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