Our Quality

Nature's Sunshine's History of Excellence


You expect the highest quality in your nutritional supplements and should trust you are getting only the best ingredients. Nature’s Sunshine delivers on that promise—then guarantees it.


Looking and feeling your best begins on the inside. But when it comes to your nutritional supplements, are you putting the best in so that you get the best results out? Rest assured that when you use Nature’s Sunshine products, the answer is always, yes.

As a pioneer in the health supplement industry for over 40 years, Nature’s Sunshine guarantees that what you read on the label of our 500+ products is exactly what you get—no fillers or inferior ingredients to compromise our superior quality. It starts in the harvesting of our ingredients and is carried all the way through to our manufacturing and testing process

You should trust that the quality of your nutritional supplements will support your healthy life. Nature’s Sunshine continually strives to exceed your expectations by:

  • Manufacturing our own products to control quality at each and every step—unlike most of our competitors who often do not make, let alone test, their own products.
  • Conducting in-person audits of all suppliers to ensure their manufacturing practices are in accordance with our strict standards.
  • Searching out the best raw ingredients in the world rather than growing our own, to ensure we would never have to use our own crop in case of a bad growing season.
  • Formulating and developing products in house with our team of scientists, herbologists, and nutritionists.
  • Testing our raw and finished ingredients every step of the way using the 600+ tests available to us.